The Learning Journey

Church services are great, but they’re not enough for Christian people to grow into the people God would have them be. That’s why every week during term time, after our worship, we’re on this learning journey together.

Engaging with topics fundamental to the Christian life, The Right Rev’d Dr Peter Brain gives a 20 minute talk which we then discuss in well lead small groups. We even have small groups for teens, and kids; with a creche for the littlies.

Last year we looked at topics around loving God (through prayer, the Bible, and understanding the story and the big themes of the bible). This year it’s about loving one another (through work, and friendship and church life and family) and, next year, loving those who don’t know Jesus (by understanding their world-views, sharing our faith and the like). Term one 2021 we’ll explore the best and the worst of the church through the ages, check it out:

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