God cursed the land and its vegetation along with Adam when the first parents disobeyed Him by eating the fruit from the life of tree.  The disobedience led to sin and resulted in death upon the mankind.  If someone looks back to the Genesis 1st Chapter, it is clearly seen that plants and trees were formed on the very third day. The disobedience of one man and woman brought the whole earth into darkness and much despair. Unless someone who is perfect enough go into deepest pit of the curse there was no hope. The intensity of the curse can’t be comprehended by any means. Even though God cursed and penalized the mankind, He also siphoned a way of rescuing the mankind and back into perfect relationship with Him forever.  The following passage unpacks the truth How God redeemed the mankind through His son Jesus Christ and blessings we gained with some emphasis to the cross.

The work of Jesus was not a plan developed late in the road of redemption.  The Old Testament abounds with prophecies from Moses and many prophets concerning Christ and His sacrifice ( Isaiah 53 ; Psalm 22). Apparently there was a time fixed and foretold by the great God, and that time had now come, when these legal sacrifices would be no longer accepted by Him nor useful to men. God never did desire them for themselves, and now He abrogated them.  This time of the repeal of the Levitical laws was also foretold by David  (Ps. 40:6, 7), and is recited here as now come. The sacrifice was foreordained before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20 ; Revelation 13:8),  He was not without blemish and without spot, He would not have been qualified to be our Redeemer. Hebrew 10 : 7 says Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God:). God had done in preparing a body for Christ (a human nature), that He might be qualified to be our Redeemer. Thus the Saviour provided, and prepared by God Himself in astounding way. As an act of His will to submit to the incarnation and the cross at the appointed time; by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ.  Now since He the person so often promised, so much spoken of, so long expected by the people of God, was also well received with great honour and gratitude (Luke 2 : Matthew 2 : 1-12) He is the person so often promised offer up a perfect and a perfecting sacrifice,  spoken of and so long expected by the people of God (Luke 2 : 31).

The scripture says the thorns and thistles was effect of the God’s wrath against disobedience that signifies God’s displeasure. On one hand Pilate and Roman soldiers platted the crown of thorns and also crucified Him on the Tree (Cross). He died on the tree which was called as the Cross during the Roman dynasty.  Ever since the sin entered in this world, an animal needed to be slaughtered to cover the skin with cloth for Adam and Eve. God Himself killed a animal to make the coats for the first man and woman Genesis 3 : 1-18).   Jesus took the place as the accursed of God, being hung on a “tree” in open shame and degradation.  Because the Mosaic law says  “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree” (Deuteronomy 21:21 -23).   He was lifted up as like serpent was lifted by Moses when the Israelites were dying after Lords commandment in the wilderness.  So we are redeemed from the curse of the law by the work of Jesus on the cross for us.  Jesus Christ splendidly satisfied the wrath of God upon sin, sufferings and death and answered to the sentence passed upon our first parents. (Galatians 3 : 13 ; 4:4).  The Tabernacle of Moses and its rituals in the Old Testament sacrifices  was only covered the sin for some time as well pointed to Jesus Christ and His work of Salvation on the Cross.  As King David prophesied,  it  would be horrific death for Messiah. Men pierce His heart, hands and legs were nailed and crowned with thorns. The people also stared and gloated over him  All His bones would be out of joint, and His tongue would stick to the roof of his mouth (Psalm 22:14–18). Even at that point, Christ should His solidarity wholly submitted to God’s will and made sure the mission was accomplished perfectly surrendered  His life to the Father  triumphantly.

With successful accomplishment, Jesus provided a better and more effective  sacrifice that doesn’t merely cover sin but sacrifice which had the power to take away sin and radically transform lives ( Hebrews12;14). Now He is the mediator, advocate, counsellor, peace maker   and an everlasting band of union between God and the creature.  As a High Priest by His own offering He perfected those who believe in Him and put them into the sure possession of perfect holiness and felicity.

Adam and Eve lost the relationship by eating the fruit from the tree of life. Jesus Christ promised to give a Tree of Life for the one who is victorious along with Him in New heaven.  There are so many things that can be pulled out from the death of Christ on the cross. Lent days can’t reduced to a level of fasting and keeping away certain things for some period of time but rather spent time on His word and His crucification and the victory over sin and death. If someone didn’t believe, commit His life to Him and endure the trials on the face of the earth what can we say. If we have believed accepted Him as our Saviour, are we reflecting Jesus Christ in our daily life by demonstrating the love to our neighbours. Only by demonstrating the true love of Christ we can be called as disciples and then can be called as Christians. Otherwise we are fooling ourselves.

Dr. Dajkumar S. Jeyaraj,  M.Sc., Ph.D.,

Perth – Australia

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